settle accounts according to the project, and the details will be discussed in details.

Please contact us by email and attach your relevant academic credentials.

The email address to receive your resume is:

  • Job Description:

    Responsible for editing the translation of academic papers and scientific papers,to complete the translation of manuscripts in high quality within the specified time.


    1.Have experience in the translation of SCI paper; have expertise in an academic field, and be familiar with the international mainstream academic media.

    2. The Ph.D. researcher or a doctoral candidate is required, and their subject is not limited; the experience of overseas study is preferred.

    3. Has published at least 1 SCI research paper (in English) as the first author, and has a strong interest in edition and translation of the articles.

  • Job Description:

    Proofread and edit academic papers and academic materials,and could complete the task within the specified time.


    1. Master degree or above; doctoral degree is preferred; English is the first language.

    2. SCI retouching and writing experience; familiar with international mainstream academic media, and good at an academic field.